How to Book a Topless Waitress

How to Book a Topless Waitress

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Sometimes you simply want to have a boys’ nights out, where you have the wildest fun and chill with the hottest topless girls. So, you gather the boys and have a discussion on when to have one of the best nights of your lives. Luckily for you, you are selected to find the perfect topless waitress gold coast to grace the event.

Since you are in charge, you definitely don’t want to let your friends down. So, you pick up your phone or laptop, and you start pecking away in search of the best topless waitress gold coast agency. After scouring through numerous websites, you happen upon a handful that you may like. You then proceed to make some calls to identify the one with the best deal among them. After going back and forth with a few agencies, you find the perfect one and you strike a deal with them.

Fast forward to the night of the party, you get together with your guys and start off the night with a few drinks. Then, you swap stories in patient anticipation of the incredible night ahead.

Finally, it is time for the girls to arrive, and they are a no-show. click here to know about How to Get the Best Services from Topless Waitresses.

How to Book a Topless Waitress

What Do You Do?

You try to contact their agent, but it takes several long minutes to get in touch with him. After informing him of the state of things, he promises to take care of the situation. About a quarter hour later, he calls back with good news: he found replacements. An hour after, the first replacement arrives, and several minutes pass before the others come.

Once you complete payment, the girls get right to work, except one of them fancies your best friend and another, your roommate. So, they focus their time on their phones and flirting with both guys, leaving the rest of the group to the other waitresses.

A third girl, who actually does what is expected of her, is not quite the same girl in the picture you saw. She is now about 20 pounds bigger, and you have no choice but to keep her. This is because getting a suitable replacement will most likely take longer than an hour, which you can’t afford to spare.

And that is how the booking turned out to be a disaster and what should have been a great night turned out to be barely passable.

How to Book the Right Waitresses

While the above is an imagined scenario, similar scenarios are quite common. Fortunately, you can get lucky with your choice and avoid such a horrible experience. Sadly, luck is not the best course of action as it oftentimes run out. This is why you have to take active steps to minimize your chance of having such an experience.

Luckily, this article provides you with vital information that will ensure you get exactly what you paid for. And with little to no stress on your part. Read on to learn more.

Step One: Agree on the Important Details

Before you start searching the internet, you have to reach an agreement with your group on certain details, such as:

  • The estimated budget
  • The number of girls to book
  • Their personality types
  • Their hair color, whether blonde, brunette, redhead, etc.
  • The presence or absence of tattoos, and many more

Basically, you have to decide on the details that must be present and the ones you can do without.

It is recommended that you hire at least one waitress for every 10 to 15 guys. This is because hiring less girls will greatly reduce the entertainment as they will be too busy being waitresses. In addition, listen to the agent’s advice and work with it.

Step Two: Start Making Plans Early

Start your research about three to four weeks before the event. This will enable you to identify the best websites and book the most popular girls early. More often than not, the most popular topless waitresses are usually booked weeks or even months in advance. So, you want to make haste and avoid being late to the party.

Step Three: Read Every ‘Rules’ or ‘Terms and Conditions’

This is the stage where most people start to get it wrong.

The first thing you should check out on a topless waitress gold coast website is not the girls, but the ‘rules’ or ‘terms and conditions.’ And this can’t be stressed enough. This is because embedded in these sections are certain clauses that could cost you.

Since few people are willing to read 20+ pages of fine print, these websites slot their terrible clauses right in the middle. Luckily, you don’t have to read all the pages to find these clauses. The following are sections to focus one.

First, proceed to links tagged:

  • Terms of Service
  • Rules or
  • Terms and Conditions

Then, proceed to the following sections as they usually contain the clauses to watch out for.

  • Cancellations
  • Fees
  • Bookings
  • Bookings and Cancellations

Tip: Avoid agencies that include clauses where they refuse your refund for unreasonable reasons.

Step Four: Get Clarifications from the Agent

If the agent is trustworthy, the girls he manages are likely to live up to their expectations. Gain clarifications on the following from the agent:

  • Will there be an authorized representative, preferably the agent, by the phone during the booking process?
  • Is there anything the hosts can do to ensure that the long night goes more smoothly?
  • Is it possible to extend the booking duration of each topless waitress?

Step Five: Choose Your Agent Based on Your Gut Feeling

At this point, you will have spoken to shortlisted agents. To select one of them, you have to go with your gut feeling. You also have to neglect the price differences in the agents’ quotes.

Step Six: Select Your Topless Waitresses

Time to choose your girls. Remember that you have already agreed upon certain specifications, such as the number of girls you need, the look you want, etc. Also, remember to listen to the agent’s advice as they are usually right about the girls that are perfect for specific events.

To avoid more disappointments, request for natural shots ot selfies of your choice of waitress. This is because professional pictures are always edited to a certain degree. Also, endeavor to select a backup for every girl you choose to avoid being left hanging.

Step Seven: Secure Your Booking

To secure your topless waitress gold coast booking, you have to pay a deposit; otherwise, the girls will choose other bookings over yours. Note that most girls are available for four to six bookings each weekend, which limits your opportunities to get the ones you want. And to these girls, a booking with a deposit is more secure than the ones expected to pay the entire amount on the night.

If you have a good feeling about your agent and the girls you have chosen, then secure your booking now.

If you follow the aforementioned steps to the letter, you are guaranteed to have a smooth topless waitress gold coast experience with your boys. You are also guaranteed to avoid all the disasters in the scenario described earlier. So, what are you doing now? Get to work!

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